From Chaos to Clairity

Sunday comes every 7 days. In the fast-paced rhythm of our weekly routines, it's easy for leaders to find themselves caught in the whirlwind of day-to-day chaos, merely surviving instead of thriving. In this session, discover the principles of visionary leadership, strategic planning, and the importance of cultivating a healthy organizational culture. Learn to shift focus from working in your ministry to strategically working on it. This session is a roadmap for leaders ready to break free from chaos and build a purposeful, thriving ministry.

Speaker Bio

Jon Nicholas serves as the Worship & Creative Pastor for The Woods Church in Warren, MI. He is also the Director of TWC School of Leadership and the Overflow Worship & Creative Conference. Through his 25 years of leadership experience, Jon's passion is to help others grow into their calling and inspire leaders everywhere to build amazing things for God's Kingdom.