Women Leading Worship

God has graced and called all of his children to be carriers of his presence and proclaimers of his glory here on earth. As women, we face unique challenges, but we also bring a distinct essence to the worship experience. In this breakout, we’ll be discussing practical mindsets and methods to help us carry out our spiritual mission.

Speaker Bio

Jen was born and raised in Tempe, AZ. She felt a call to worship leading at the age of 16, and soon began leading in her church youth group. Throughout her 20+ years in ministry, Jen has held several different leadership roles and has led teams of various sizes, styles, demographics, and skill levels. She is passionate about songwriting, teaching, mentoring, and raising up future leaders. Jen is a credentialed minister through the Assemblies of God, and has the immense honor of being the co-host of the Worship Probs Podcast. She is also writing and releasing music as a solo artist, with her first album, “CASTLES & KINGDOMS” being released in 2024. Jen lives in Middle Tennessee with her husband, Josh, and 3 of their 5 children.