Dangers of Distraction

This breakout will help you learn the sacred rhythm of "ministry out of intimacy" that Jesus practiced, and avoid the dangerous pitfalls of a distracted heart that leads to burnout and fruitlessness.

Speaker Bio

Rob is the founder of Fire School Ministries, a ministry filled with resources to help believers live in a revival atmosphere. Along with writing, Rob travels the country full-time speaking and imparting kingdom truths into pastors, leaders, and congregations across denominational lines. Growing up in the Holiness tradition, he saw a strong emphasis on preaching the Word, but very little training on how to flow in the Spirit. His observation was ministries of the Word without the Spirit will dry up, but ministries of the Spirit without the Word will blow up. The only way to grow up is fuse Word and Spirit, and that is how Rob sustained a culture of revival in his church. Rob completed a Doctor of Ministry in 2013. His dissertation discussed reuniting Word and Spirit in the Holiness movement.

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